What is the Warehouse Workers Centre?

The Warehouse Workers Centre is a space for workers to access resources, build community, and to organize for better working conditions.

Peel has one of the largest warehousing and logistics sectors in Canada. We demand that all warehouse workers have respect, safety, and a living wage.

The Warehouse Workers Centre offers a space for events, trainings, legal aid, and mobilization.

Through building strength in our community we will fight to create better jobs and working conditions in the warehouse sector.

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Free on-line event
Dispatches from the Inside

Who: Warehouse Workers Centre, Immigrant Workers Centre, Warehouse Workers for Justice, The Awood Center

Topic: How do we organize our warehouses? How do we stand together, fight back, and build the strength to win real and lasting demands from these companies? Come hear lessons from warehouse workers across North America fighting for change in their workplaces.

Know Your Rights Workshop

Workers in the warehouse and logistics sector have the right to a fair wage, safe work and dignity on the job. Unfortunately, these rights are often violated. Be prepared to defend yourself and your coworkers by knowing your rights. In Ontario, your rights are protected under the:

  • Employment Standards Act
  • Pay Equity Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Labour Relations Act

We will explain these laws, how they apply to you, and how you can use them to create a better workplace.

If you would like to ATTEND an upcoming workshop, please contact: info@WarehouseWorkers.ca or see the postings in our calendar of events

If you would like to HOST a workshop please contact: info@WarehouseWorkers.va

Here are some more resources to learn about your rights or to get help with an issue you are facing

How to Reach Us

Our office is temporarily closed due to COVID-19. We are still answering our emails and phone calls, but please be patient as we may take a little longer to respond.

224 Rutherford Road South
Brampton, ON  L6W 3J6

Email: info@WarehouseWorkers.ca
Phone: 289-464-1617

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